Wednesday, March 27, 2013

There is one question I ask myself a lot........Why am I obsessed with minecraft?  Its so addicting!!! Yes I admit Im obsessed. I want everything I see that is minecraft, books, clothes, cookie cutters, Jewelry, shoes hats, and more! I play it nonstop sometimes and yes It may be unnatural but I love it!! The thing I want most of minecraft stuff is the Creeps. They are just like peeps (you know the marshmallow bunnies and birds at Easter) but they are shaped like CREEPERS!!! Im dieing to get them, but you know what sucks? They are all out on stock. :( , Someday I will get them......someday. Sometimes I wish I lived in a minecraft world but I know I don't so that's OK. The mc (Minecraft) youtubers are, CaptinSparklez, Skydoesminecraft, setosorcer, and TobyGames. I always love seeing them freak out over some things. LOL! Check out theses creeps!!
Cool right?! My mom doesn't like me playing mc (Minecraft) as much as I do, I understand why she doen't like it. It is bad to play it to long and I stay up till 1:00 am playing it sometimes, But its so addicting!! Its hard not to stop. My friend IRL (in real life) plays mc (Minecraft) and her name is LPSrock. LPS stands for littlest pet shop btw (By the way) I love the way that Im so popular on there! Everytime I get on there people croud me and  msg (message) me non stop! Some people are very weird on there. Uggg!! Why im I so addicted! I love it, kinda. Any sorry if I was boring you about mc. If there is any questions about me playing mc or just mc, post it in the comments Please. Thx! XD

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